92.7 BIG FM SAYS ‘Dum Idre Dum Bidi’

Bangalore, May 28, 2015: India’s most popular and No. 1 Radio Network, 92.7 BIG FM has always been on the forefront of various ground-breaking initiatives. With World No Tobacco Day around the corner, 92.7 BIG FM is geared up to initiate a distinctive campaign – ‘Dum Idre Dum Bidi’ in a bid to create awareness about the dangers of smoking and consuming tobacco and celebrate the decisions of those who want to kick the habit. 

For the first time in the history of FM radio, 92.7 BIG FM through a radio reality challenge, ‘Dum Idre Dum Bidi’, will shortlist contestants on the basis of their life journey, stories of why they started smoking and why they decided to quit. Three contestants with the most motivational responses across 24 markets (metros and major non-metros) will be selected to take part in one of the most gut-wrenching four day contest starting May 28th. However, just kicking the habit is not enough as BIG FM challenges participants by first proving if they can quit for at least 72 hours. Over a span of three days, BIG FM will monitor participants 24/7 under the supervision of experts and doctors. Participants will be given various challenges with real-time hourly updates on-air, thus testing their resolve to quit smoking or consuming tobacco. 

Quit karnewala loser nahi winner kehlata hai is the message that BIG FM wants to promote through this radio reality challenge, looking for courageous citizens who are ready to test their willpower to kick the habit in front of the whole city and emerge as an inspiration. 

Speaking of the initiative, Mr. Ashwin Padmanabhan, Executive Vice President & Business Head, Reliance Broadcast Network Limited stated,“I’m delighted to announce the initiation of the World No Tobacco Day campaign by 92.7 BIG FM and glad that we are able to make such a big difference in the lives of people through our expansive reach. I am looking forward to see this campaign build up and more keen than ever to see the results. We urge people from all over India to take a step forward and eliminate these vices from their life. This can be a great start – Dum Idre Dum Bidi.” 

As the shortlisted contestants begin their three day journey, RJs will give LIVE hourly updates about the on-going campaign and how the participants are holding up amidst the challenge. Moreover, friends and relatives across the country will also be calling in to the radio network to offer their support to the contestants while celebrities, reformed smokers, renowned doctors will be brought on-air to talk about the ill-effects of smoking and share any experiences they would like to. The contestant who completes the challenge of living a three day life without smoking and consuming tobacco will be the final winner of the challenge. 

Promotions for the campaign will be on through airing of screened calls with emotional and intense facts of the participants once every hour across all shows, teaser promos and more.


WPG*, Microsoft* and Intel launch NuPC – A Made in India PC Experience

New Delhi, May 27, 2015: WPG*, Microsoft India*, and Intel India, today launched NuPC, one of the smallest form factor PC that combines affordability with infinite customization, in a variety of configurations powered by the Intel® Core™ i3 processor or the Intel® Celeron® processor. Both of the variants are also armed with Windows 8.1 and bing. The configurations and variants come priced at:

  • For Intel® Core™ i3 processor – 2GB memory 500 GB storage at Rs. 29,999.00 and 4GB memory 1 terabyte at Rs.  32,999.00
  • For Intel® Celeron® processor – 2GB memory 500 GB storage at Rs. 18,999.00 and 4GB memory 1 terabyte at Rs.  21,999.00 

The NuPC is an energy efficient, fully functional PC that not only fulfills the performance needs of the consumers but also fits into the palm of your hand. The sheer power of Intel® NUC combined with Microsoft Windows* 8.1 makes it an ideal PC platform for modern day business applications and consumer needs. The device covers the entire gamut of applications. From a home user to discerning enterprise users the variants of NuPC meets the needs of both. Low power consumption, small space requirement, industry standard components makes it possible to deploy NuPC in any demanding environment. 

The NuPC is based on the Intel® NUC which is an energy-efficient, fully functioning PC that not only fits your performance needs—it fits in the palm of your hand. The NUC can be used in kiosks or for digital signage displays and other spaces in which a small, well-featured computer is required and it makes a great unit for home and business computing as well. The NuPC takes up a roughly 4×4-inch footprint on a desk (117x112mm and 35mm thick), and manages to pack a great configuration, allowing it to be used effectively for everyday office tasks and multimedia.

The launch of the NuPC marks an important milestone in working towards the government’s ‘Make in India’ vision. WPG* is working with Intel and Microsoft* to drive form factor innovation by catering to consumer needs and enabling an empowered ecosystem of innovative devices which will cater to the growing computing needs of the new fast developing India. 

At the launch of the new form factor, Rajiv Bhalla – Director, Sales – Intel South Asia said, “India finds itself at an exciting turn, especially within the broader context of ‘Digital India’ vision. As the country aligns itself with the government’s technology vision, ‘Make in India’ will play a vital role. We are excited to embark on this journey with WPG along with the support of Microsoft to strengthen our commitment towards empowering India with technology. We will continue to work with local OEMs, ODMs and the ecosystem to bring relevant technology to the market across price points and innovative form factors.” 

Vineet Durani, Director – Windows Business at Microsoft Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. said, “Companies today are looking at deploying various technology solutions that help them grow in the most efficient and cost-effective way. To meet these requirements Microsoft is focusing its efforts in providing devices that help business and consumers achieve more as well as add to their productivity quotient at affordable price points, without compromising on quality and style. The launch of the Windows-based nuPC is another step towards a great computing experience for small businesses and consumers in India. We will continue to launch more of such devices and drive affordable personal computing.” 

Rajeev Bajpai, President – WPG C&C Computers and Peripherals said, “We are delighted to collaborate with Intel and Microsoft to revolutionize the NUC market. Our NuPC, powered by the Intel® Processor Family and Microsoft Windows will help us deliver high quality performance, bolstered by energy efficient computing and ease of use. The made in India NuPC, will fulfil the aspirations of Indian customers, who need the best of technology at a reasonable price and we hope to become the first choice when it comes to portable and compact personal computing.”



Embellishing aesthetic motifs with Triveni’ssarees& bridal wear

Bangalore, 27th May 2015:Trivenihas launched its latest collection in sarees and lehengacholis. This spectacular collection reflects current trends, designs and colours that are an amalgamation of modern and cultural value. The latest collections’ release by Triveni features festive Sarees&BridalLehengas which is inspired by two themes – Kalpana and Royal Regalia

  • Kalpana Vol-2

Aligned to the current trend of mix-and-match, collection “Kalpana” features a contrasting combination of somber and vivid hues. Further, the sarees display a combination of heavy and subtle embroidery & prints, stone andpatch work and half & half style. The saares bring together the best of both worlds with combinations such as the unique blend of polka dots with traditional patterns.

Set on multicoloured net, crape, chiffon, viscose, georgette and brasso mix fabrics, these sarees are creating a fashion saga of their own. Be it a festive occasion or a friend’s wedding ceremony, choosing from this array of sarees will grace your look and set you apart.

Royal Regalia

Triveni’s “Royal Regalia” collection reflects traditional essence steeped in magnificence. The collection is designed with red- maroon colours in georgette & net fabrics. To add to that, golden embroidered patch work with dark green tinge has been laid out intricately on blouse and lehenga, completing the bridal look.

Mehndi inspired floral & leafy motifs used in the patch work are both symbolic and artistic. Redecorated with stone work, the exclusive lehengas are meant to adorn the brides making them look like dolls on their special day.

On the launch of the collection ShaileshSaraf, Director, TriveniSarees said, “Triveni’s latest collection uses artistic patterns combined with colours that set the mood of festivity and celebration. Creating the right mix of colours& designs is more important than ever before. A fusion of traditional embroidery patterns with fresh trends has inspired our innovation. ”


Growing Indian Brand Energy Drink XTRA Power Premium to change its logo and design after Red Bull AG filed a case for similarities

Bengaluru, Monday, May 25, 2015:Bengaluru-based Indian growing Energy Drink Manufacturing Company Universal Nutritious Products Pvt. Ltd has decided to change the logo and ‘can design’ of its brand –XTRA Power Premium Energy Drink. The decision was taken after the Austrian giant Red Bull AG filed a case in Delhi High Court against Universal Nutritious Products Pvt. Ltd., for the similarities in the logo and can design of the Indian brand XTRA POWER. The High Court passed an injunction against the company to stop the production of the Xtra Power Energy Drink with the same Logo of flying Rhino with or without the Sun device or Blue and silver color Trapezoid until they come forth with an entirely new logo and “Can design” for their product. The company has hence decided to change the logo and can design of the product.

Red Bull AG which markets their products’ design with the logo of two bulls in sun device, Blue and silver trapezoid, in their petition has mentioned the similarity in the logo and the design of the can which they are using now. XTRA Power Energy drink has a logo of a flying Rhino with the wings and the pack used has the same colour combination as that of the Red Bulls’s Blue and Silver. Red Bull argued that the growing Indian Energy drink “XTRA POWER” is using the flying Rhino in sun device, Blue and silver color and has been confusing the customers with the similarities in the logo and design.

XTRA Power Founder and Managing Director Sanjeev Raju said, “The design of our product XTRA Power Energy drink was purely coincidental to the Red Bull packing. However we believe in a healthy market competition and our product is at par with any other leading energy drink available in the world in terms of quality. We are already exporting XTRA Power to markets such as Afghanistan, Ghana, and some other west African countries and very soon expanding to some other Asian and African countries. We are strong believers in the “Make in India” concept of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and we want our Indian product XTRA Power Energy Drink to reach out to maximum countries in the world and therefore we will incorporate all that is necessary to take this concept forward and succeed.”


Ranveer Singh says hunger should not stop children from getting an education.

26th May; Bangalore: Ranveer Singh is known to be more than just a Bollywood superstar. He has often pushed boundaries and ventured into unchartered territories with utmost ease and complete conviction. As the brand ambassador for Ching’s Secret, he took on the avatar of ‘Ranveer Ching’ in a one-of-its-kind branded music video. 

Now he puts his money where his heart is. Ranveer will champion the Akshaya Patra Mid-day Meal programme in a global fund-raising drive initiated by Ching’s Secret (and YRF). To kick-start the drive, Ranveer will personally sponsor mid-day meals for 10,000 children for a year. 

Says Ranveer, the champion of the drive, “It gives me the most amount of joy to spread love, to spread happiness. There’s nothing better than to feed a child, to educate a child. I love kids! I especially feel for underprivileged kids tremendously.” 

The Akshaya Patra Foundation runs the world largest (not-for-profit) Mid-day Meal programme in association with the Central and State Governments. Their mission is to ensure that hunger does not prevent children from getting an education. The Mid-day meal programme ensures that children attend school rather than work to earn enough for a meal a day. With 243 kitchens situated in 10 states of India, the Foundation serves freshly cooked, nutritious meals to over 1.4 million children every school working day. 

Through the ‘India Ke Hunger Ki Bajao’ drive, Ranveer and Ching’s aim to raise funds to feed at least 1 million children in India. He has been personally involved in all stages of development of this initiative over the last 6 months. Ranveer hopes that as an iconic role model to the youth of India, he can set a good example and give them a worthy cause to champion. The initiative will be supported by a high decibel television, radio and digital campaign. 

The drive will appeal to all – with no contribution being too small. All it takes to feed a child for one whole year is Rs.750 – an amount you’ll never miss and they’ll never forget. 

According to Shridhar Venkat, CEO, Akshaya Patra: “It’s rare for a Bollywood star to support the kind of work we do and for someone as young as Ranveer, it’s truly outstanding. We cherish this association and hope he can help us reach out far and wide. Having Ranveer Singh with us feels like we have the country’s youth in our fold.” 

Adds Ajay Gupta, MD, Capital Foods: “As a Company we’re in a good place. So it is now time for us to give back to the community that supports our brands. We strongly believe that by educating our children, we are ensuring a better future for our country.” 

Initiated by Ching’s Secret for Akshaya Patra Foundation, ‘India ke Hunger ki Bajao’ campaign is supported by Yash Raj Films, Reliance Fresh, Choitrams, Patel Bros., Fluence, India TV, Red FM and Paytm. 

Please click on this link to make your contribution:  


Please click on this link to watch the video for the campaign: http://youtu.be/v2Ye7wXwzfY.


Magma’s outlook for FY 15-16 is upbeat despite tough environment

Bangalore, 25th May 2015: Amidst a tepid economic environment, stressed cash flows in the hands of its rural and semi-urban customers, and high interest rates, Magma Fincorp Ltd. continues to maintain a healthy growth trajectory in its business, revenue and profits, as reflected in the recently announced Q4 and FY15 consolidated financial results.  Magma Fincorp Ltd. came out strongly during 2014-15 with PAT growth of 17% YoY. The company’s loan book as on 31st March 2015 stood at Rs 19,567 crore – up 9% YoY, which is above par compared to the industry. Business disbursals increased 11% to Rs 10,115 crores while annual revenue grew 13% to Rs 2385.98 crore. Infusion of new capital will take the CRAR to approx. 20%.

In line with Industry Best Practices and accepting our investors/lenders suggestion, Magma has inducted ICRA as the second rating agency to rate its Secured Bonds to begin with. ICRA rated Magma’s Secured Long Term debt at AA- with a positive outlook reflecting the positive changes underway at Magma.  CARE too has revised its rating from AA to AA-.

Mr. Atul Bansal, Chief Financial Officer, Magma Fincorp Ltd. said, “Magma, factoring in the time for the Indian economy to recover fully has recast its strategy.  Right from the markets we want to operate in to the customer segments therein and the products we offer have been reformulated with a view to drive up efficiencies, margins and profitability.  Simultaneously, our credit underwriting has been changed to reflect external changing conditions which would enable us to build a more robust book and reduce delinquencies. Our collection process has been upgraded with technology with early warning systems established. By using both initial and early defaults to flag possible future credit losses early on, Magma would be in a position to take faster action to reduce delinquencies at an early stage.  This approach of ours has been resoundingly endorsed by existing and new investors who have infused Rs .500 crores into the Company’s capital”.

KKR has increased its investment in Magma reinforcing the confidence of long-term investors in the company. While Mauritius-based LeapFrog Investments, one of the world’s largest impact investment funds, and India Value Fund Advisors, an investment fund dedicated on India, are new investors in the company, KKR is an existing investor.


Ramp for Champs Fashion Show at the Orion Festival of Giving

Bangalore, 24th May 2015: There is nothing more heart-warming than seeing a child walk on stage, beaming and ecstatic. That was exactly the scene witnessed at the Ramp for Champs fashion show organized by Orion Mall with the iconic fashion choreographer Prasad Bidapa in association with the Smile Foundation as part of the currently underway Orion Festival of Giving at the Orion Mall at Brigade Gateway. The fashion show took place at the Lakeside venue of Orion Mall, under a blanket of stars. In its 5th year now, Ramp for Champs is a unique fund-raiser event choreographed by Prasad Bidapa wherein a celebrity accompanies a child associated with the Smile foundation and walks down the ramp. Film stars such as actors Nicole Faria, Sanjjana and Raghu Mukhejee walked the ramp this year as did Grammy Award winning, Ricky Kej. Besides well-known celebrities, several achievers from various walks of life  like Githa Shankar , Director of Brigade Group and Charu Sharma, Indian Commentator also took to the stage. Bollywood film actor Isha Koppikar walked the ramp as the showstopper and looked gorgeous in designer Archana Kochhar’s creation at the event.

Speaking on the event, Vishal Mirchandani, CEO, Commercial & Retail, Brigade Groupsaid, “We as good social corporate citizen are in the service of the community. Orion Festival of Giving is a strong platform for us to channelize the positive change, providing help to the community where it is required. This year we have associated with Smile Foundation to proudly help, support and encourage educating children. Our association with Ramp for Champs this year brings together noted personalities to come forward and contribute to the cause.”

Ms. Smita Kalappa, Vice President Resources and Sustainability, Smile Foundation said, “We believe that education is the key to human development. A well educated child is the greatest asset any country could have. We are happy that this year Ramp for Champs is bigger and better because of our association with Orion Mall’s Festival of Giving. This event is all set to spread many more smiles because of the positive response from the well acclaimed personalities from various fields.

Speaking on the show, Prasad Bidapa said, “The little ones are taken to the sponsoring brand’s store and asked to pick an outfit which they wear at the show. They are then allowed to keep this outfit. The joy is a sight to watch.” He also adds that it is very important for celebrities and achievers to come forward and lend a helping hand to society as this is what will knit it all together.”

Also included was a spectacular 15-minute fashion show by Bibi Russell, the internationally renowned Bangladeshi fashion designer whose collections are all about ethical fashion. Her work revolves around the upliftment of the downtrodden, giving weavers work and building communities. All the models participating in this event, along with their make-up, the sound and light were all done with no payment involved.