Brigade Group is one of Bangalore’s Hot 50 Brands

Bangalore, June 26, 2015: Premier real estate development company Brigade Group was selected as one of Bangalore Hot 50 Brands at The Bangalore Brand Summit held recently. The company has received this recognition for the second year in a row. Brigade Group won the award in the Large Organisations category.

Commenting on the recognition, Mr M.R. Jaishankar, Chairman and Managing Director, Brigade Group, said, “It is a great honour for us to be recognised as a Bangalore Hot Brand. I am delighted that we have won this award for the second successive year. It is a testimony of our commitment to our core values of Quality and customer centricity.”
The Bangalore Brand Summit
The Bangalore Brand Summit is organised by Paul Writer, India’s biggest community of marketers that brings together the city’s top brand-owners and senior executives to discuss trends, debate ideas, and share knowledge. Award winners were selected by a mix of popular voting  and on parameters like Growth, Mindshare, Uniqueness and Innovation.



New Delhi,25June 2015 – Hanoi is the best value destination in the world for a city break, according to TripIndex Cities, an annual TripAdvisor cost comparison study.

TripIndex Cities compares the cost of a three-night break during the summer travel months of June to August in 40 key tourist cities around the world, taking into account typical costs for two people. These include; a four-star hotel for three nights, a visit to three attractions, lunch each day, a taxi to and from dinner each day, plus the cost of dinner itself.[i]

It found that a three night trip for two in Hanoi will only set you back an average of INR 46645, excluding flights, nearly three times less than the price of a break in the world’s most expensive destination, Cancun, Mexico, which comes in at an average of INR 128627.

The study was conducted ahead of the summer travel period by independent research firm, Ipsos.

Head to South-East Asia for a bargain

When looking at the on-the-ground cost of a three-night city break, the 2015 TripIndex Cities report shows that travellers can find the best value in South East Asia, as four of the top ten cheapest destinations are located here; Hanoi, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Manila take first, fourth, seventh and ninth places respectively.

Mumbai is the fifth most economical city 

The 2015 TripIndex Cities report places Mumbaias the fifth most budget friendly city after Hanoi, Warsaw, Sharm el Sheikh and Bangkok. The total cost of a three-night break in Mumbai comes to INR 53,911 with the most notable expense being the accommodation – at INR 23,091 for three nights, Mumbai is 39% more expensive than Hanoi. However, for the taxi ride it turns out to be cheaper than Bangkok, Sharm el Sheikh and Warsaw.   

Recommended value hotels and popular attractions in the five most expensive and best value destinations: 

For travellers planning a trip to one of the five most expensive or five best value TripIndex Cities destinations, TripAdvisor has identified highly-rated value hotelswith availability to book on TripAdvisor this summer, as well as top-rated attractions in each destination[ii].

Top five most expensive TripIndex Cities 2015 destinations:

  1. Cancun, Mexico–Average nightly summer hotel rate: INR 24,100

Recommended value hotel on TripAdvisor: The Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort Villas & Spa – Average nightly summer rate: INR 19,100

Three top-rated tours and activities: Can Cook in Cancun, Alma’s LDS Tours and Cancun Scuba Center

  1. Zurich, Switzerland – Average nightly summer hotel rate: INR 19,400

Recommended value hotel on TripAdvisor: 25hours Hotel Zurich West – Average nightly summer rate: INR 13,300

Three top-rated tours and activities: Free Walk Zurich, Italian Food Tour Zurich and Museum of Art (Kunsthaus Zurich)

  1. New York City, USA – Average nightly summer hotel rate: INR 21,400

Recommended value hotel on TripAdvisor: The Leon Hotel – Average nightly summer rate: INR 15,700

Three top-rated tours and activities: CityRover Walks NY, Streetwise New York Tours, Famous Fat Dave’s Food Tours

  1. London, UK – Average nightly summer hotel rate: INR 20,200

Recommended value hotel on TripAdvisor: The Hide London – Average nightly summer rate: INR 10,400

Three top-rated tours and activities: Tally Ho! Cycle Tours, Shoreditch Street Art Tours and Mind the Gap Tours

  1. Punta Cana, Caribbean – Average nightly summer hotel rate: INR 21,100

Recommended value hotel on TripAdvisor: Iberostar Punta Cana – Average nightly summer rate: INR 14,000

Three top-rated tours and activities: Outback Adventures – Outback Safari, Macao Surf Camp and HorsePlay Punta Cana

Top five best value TripIndex Cities 2015 destinations: 

  1. Hanoi, Vietnam – Average nightly summer hotel rate: INR 5,600

Recommended value hotel on TripAdvisor: Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa – Average nightly summer rate: INR 4,900

Three top-rated tours and activities: Hanoi Street Food Tour, Hanoi Free Tour Guides – Private Tours, Vietnam Awesome Travel – Day Tours

  1. Warsaw, Poland – Average nightly summer hotel rate: INR 5,700

Recommended value hotel on TripAdvisor: Boss Hotel – Average nightly summer rate: INR 4,400

Three top-rated tours and activities: Room Escape Warszawa, Orange Umbrella Free Tours, Warsaw Behind the Scenes

  1. Sharm el Sheikh – Average nightly summer hotel rate: INR 6,600

Recommended value hotel on TripAdvisor: Oonas Dive Club Hotel – Average nightly summer rate: INR 5,000

Three top-rated tours and activities: Nabq Tours & Excursions, Kite Junkies, Sheikh Coast Diving Center

  1. Bangkok, Thailand– Average nightly summer rate: INR 6,100

Recommended value hotel on TripAdvisor: Bangkok Loft Inn – Average nightly summer rate: INR 2,200

Three top-rated tours and activities: Empire Tailors, Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok and BKK Tours

  1. Mumbai, India – Average nightly summer rate: INR 7,800

Recommended value hotel on TripAdvisor: Hotel Regal Enclave – Average nightly summer rate: INR 6,500

Three top-rated tours and activities: Grand Mumbai Tours – Day Tours, Bravo Bombay and Be The Local Tours and Travel

TripIndex at a glance

From the least expensive to the most expensive (green and orange indicate least and most expensive destinations for each item respectively):


Rank Destination Lunch & soft drinks for two (per day) Dinner & bottle of wine for two (per day) Taxi (2 mile round trip) (per day) Tours & Activities for two (per day) Hotel room rate(per night) Total (three days)
1 Hanoi, Vietnam 1017.31 2889.68 261.28 5823.50 5556.48 46644.75
2 Warsaw, Poland 1256.17 4587.16 1274.59 3013.06 5568.87 47099.55
3 Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt 920.51 3316.47 369.54 6328.03 6484.11 52255.98
4 Bangkok, Thailand 1047.05 3794.84 661.57 5922.92 6036.58 52388.88
5 Mumbai, India 1330.00 3975.00 316.46 4651.69 7697.30 53911.35
6 Lisbon, Portugal 2266.06 3515.06 1613.36 3596.90 8262.48 57761.58
7 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1501.81 4421.25 415.31 7175.95 5901.50 58247.46
8 Marrakech, Morocco 2999.05 5025.87 255.08 4668.38 6601.44 58649.46
9 Manila, Philippines 947.21 1951.19 735.67 7079.53 8930.46 58932.18
10 Berlin, Germany 1466.69 4348.33 1578.13 4862.33 7509.75 59295.69

Most expensive:

Rank Destination Lunch & soft drinks for two (per day) Dinner & bottle of wine for two (per day) Taxi (2 mile round trip) (per day) Tours & Activities for two (per day) Hotel room rate(per night) Total (three days)
1 Cancun, Mexico 1937.80 5677.54 855.75 10635.27 23769.17 128626.59
2 Zurich, Switzerland 3929.62 9644.50 2940.25 5674.75 19126.43 123946.65
3 New York, USA 2715.43 8135.13 1654.63 6949.39 21086.33 121622.73
4 London, UK 3069.33 6953.29 2224.28 7753.47 19875.49 119627.58
5 Punta Cana, Caribbean 1809.88 5429.65 118.53 10145.99 20826.62 114992.01
6 Paris, France 3343.77 6359.23 1074.25 6309.03 17224.65 102932.79
7 Tokyo, Japan 2805.52 5564.50 1768.41 8099.52 15550.91 101366.58
8 Toronto, Canada 1961.78 6032.99 1527.99 5244.41 18039.38 98419.65
9 Dubai, UAE 3399.45 10630.22 648.90 9127.41 8551.93 97073.73
10 Singapore, Singapore 3924.25 9425.07 554.78 4990.64 13123.37 96054.33


The TripIndex Cities 2015 destination list is comprised of 40 key cities within the top 40 most searched for countries by global TripAdvisor users over the past 12 months.

TripIndex Cities prices out the daily cost for the following items in each destination, multiplied by three to represent the cost of a three-day city break for two people. Within each establishment selected to the study and where the item was available, the prices of the following were identified by telephoning the establishment and asking for prices of:

  • Lunch: Meal and soft drink
  • Dinner:                 Starter, main meal and bottle of wine to share
  • Taxi: Return taxi journey of two miles each way
  • Tour/Activity: Cost of a tour/activity
  • Hotel: Accommodation in a 4-4.5 star hotel

Research was conducted by Ipsos and prices were collected through telephone and web search.  Prices in each market were taken in local currencies between 27 March 2015 and 5 May 2015 and currency conversion rates were taken from on 10 May 2015.

Lunch for two:Prices specify the average cost of a traditional or common main meal for two people with a soft drink. Four restaurants with mid-range prices were contacted via telephone and/or email in each market.

Dinner for two: Prices specify the average cost of a traditional or common two-course meal (starter and main) for two people with a bottle of house (or cheapest available) white wine. Four restaurants with mid-range prices were contacted via telephone and/or email in each market.

Return taxi journey:Prices specify the approximate cost of two taxi journeys of two miles each (representing an evening’s return transportation).  Data was taken from local authorities and recognised taxi companies in the area. Taxi companies were identified using web search and contacted via telephone in each market.

Tours & Activities for two: Prices specify the average cost of a tour/activity for two people in each destination. The average price was calculated from all bookable tours and activities (excluding multi-day tours) on TripAdvisor via Viator.

Hotel room rates: Room rates specify the average cost of one night’s stay in 4 and 4.5 star hotels in each destination between 15th June – 31st August 2015, aggregated from booking partners, including online travel agencies and direct hotel suppliers.

About TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor® is the world’s largest travel site*, enabling travellers to plan and book the perfect trip. TripAdvisor offers advice from millions of travellers and a wide variety of travel choices and planning features with seamless links to booking tools that check hundreds of websites to find the best hotel prices. TripAdvisor branded sites make up the largest travel community in the world, reaching 340 million unique monthly visitors**, and more than 225 million reviews and opinions covering more than 4.9 million accommodations, restaurants and attractions. The sites operate in 45 countries worldwide. TripAdvisor also includes TripAdvisor for Business, a dedicated division that provides the tourism industry access to millions of monthly TripAdvisor visitors.

TripAdvisor, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRIP) manages and operates websites under 24 other travel media brands:,,,,,,,,, and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and 

*Source: comScore Media Metrix for TripAdvisor Sites, worldwide, December 2014

**Source: Google Analytics, average monthly unique users, Q1 2015

[i]Please see methodology for more details.

[ii]Recommended highly rated value hotels in the five best value destinations have a minimum of 15 reviews, currently have availability between June 15 and August 31, 2015 and are less than or equal to the average nightly rate for each destination. Hotel pricing is based on TripAdvisor data for June 15 through August 31, 2015, aggregated from booking partners, including online travel agencies and direct hotel suppliers.

Recommended highly rated value hotels in the five most expensive destinations have a minimum of 15 reviews, currently have availability between June 15 and August 31, 2015 and are at least £50 per night less than the average nightly rate for each destination. Hotel pricing is based on TripAdvisor data for June 15 through August 31, 2015, aggregated from booking partners, including online travel agencies and direct hotel suppliers.

Recommended attractions are the top-rated attractions in each destination on TripAdvisor with a minimum of 20 reviews.


92.7 BIG FM celebrates Pancham Da’s birthday with an unplugged on-air concert – Yadon Mein Pancham!

R.D Burman fondly remembered as Pancham Da is known to be the most seminal music directors of all time. His life was all about tunes, melodies and his love for music. To celebrate his passion and dedication towards the art and his contribution to the music industry, 92.7 BIG FM celebrates the renowned music composer’s birthday by showcasing his vast repertoire of evergreen classics. Pancham da fans across 92.7 BIG FM stations will be treated to a unique on-air concert titled ‘Yadon Mein Pancham’ every day from June 22 – 27, 2015 from 7PM – 8PM.

Singing sensations Akriti Kakkar, Kanika Kapoor, Tochi Raina, Benny Dayal and Abhinanda Sarkar will get together to pay their respects to the music maestro by performing unplugged on some of his best songs on-air through the week. Some of these include Dum Maaro Dum, Humein Tumse Pyaar Kitna, O Haseena Zulfon Wali, Rimjhim Gire Saawan, Piya Tu Ab Toh Aaja, Chura Liya Hain Tumneamongst others.

Speaking on the occasion, Ashwin Padmanabhan, National Business Head, 92.7 BIG FM said, “With R.D. Burman’s everlasting music spread across a broad spectrum of music lovers, it still rules the list of our favourites even after two decades. There is no better way to commemorate his birth anniversary than to have our musicians of the new generation come together to pay tribute to R.D Burman’s timeless music through an on-air concert on the country’s only retro music station 92.7 BIG FM, Hit Thee Hit Rahenge.”

The on-air unplugged concert will be supplemented by entertaining interviews with the artists by RJs across the 92.7 BIG FM network in India as they join in to make the concert all the more enjoyable for their listeners!

Speaking on the occasion, popular singer Tochi Raina stated, “Pancham Da’s talent remains unmatched even today. I loved his style of music. He belonged to Tripura where there were a lot of jungles and any kind of sound fascinated him; that fascinates me because I believe that it explains his love for music and his desire to creating newer music. I feel privileged to able to pay a tribute to R.D. Burman and there is no better way than to sing his songs.”

Aakriti Kakkar also expressed her excitement about being a part of the Yadon Mein Pancham on-air concert, “I love Pancham Da’s songs. He has been an inspiration for my mother too who has done her Post graduation in Hindi Music and my entire family in general loves his songs. What I love most about his songs that anyone from any generation can listen to his music and relate to it. I am thrilled to be a part of Yadon Mein Pancham here at 92.7 BIG FM.” 

Right from his soulful collaborations with likes of Gulzar Saab and Kishore Kumar to folk tunes modernized with western rhythm instruments, his musical conceptions made what we today call the music universe.

Baby Doll fame Kanika Kapoor expressed, “I had goosebumps when I began singing Pancham Da’s songs. They were a rage back then and even today, people across ages enjoy his music. No song of his was like another, the thought behind every song, the melody, the lyrics, the whole idea to be precise was different from another.  I’m extremely delighted to be a part of ‘Yadon Mein Pancham’ and it is an honour to be able to pay a tribute to R.D. Burman. I would really like to thank 92.7 BIG FM for keeping retro music alive, the way they do.”

Benny Dayal who took the nation by storm with ‘Badtameez Dil’ professed his love for R.D. Burman’s songs, “Pancham Da’s greatest quality was that he made songs ahead of time. He brought the sound of Latin, a little bit of disco, twist, rock n roll and some tribal music to create a differentiated music library for aspiring singers and music enthusiasts alike. His songs are simple yet soulful. He made the most amazing peppy songs and in doing that created a sound for himself. I feel lucky to have been part of Yadon Mein Pancham and relive my memories as I sing some of his best songs on-air.”

The Yadon Mein Pancham on-air concert will be supported by 360 degree marketing initiatives including teaser promos during morning and afternoon shows across India’s largest FM network – 92.7 BIG FM.


Birla Financial Services launches Birla Homes

Bangalore, June 24, 2015: Birla Financial Services Private Limited (BFSI), a fully owned subsidiary of Yash Birla Group has launched Birla Homes. With this launch the company has announced its foray into the real estate market in Bangalore through the strategic Brand Alliances model.

Commenting on the launch of the new subsidiary, Mr. Manoj Singh, Managing Director, Birla Homes, said, “Birla Homes is an effort to provide affordable and elegant housing options to the masses in a market where houses are overpriced we are bringing luxury budgeted homes. Being an institution backed by professionals, market researchers, and capacity to deliver on time, financial leverage, supply chain optimization and mainly the desire to create quality, value-added homes to the communities across India. We are driven by this innate desire to create niche housing nationwide.”

The Brand Alliances

For its real estate venture, Birla Homes will get into strategic business alliances with real estate developers, builders or land aggregators. According to Mr. Singh, as Birla Homes is a part of Yash Birla group and the company will provide them the well established brand name of “Birla”. The group is a well-known brand across India and we believe that our brands will bring an additional mileage and support that is required for accomplishment of our goal and that of our business associates and partners”.

Birla Homes will also “evaluate the business plans of their associated business partners and understand their requirements and financial parts. We will also work towards creating value for our associates, helping in building a brand for them and communicating it to the target segment,” he explained.

Birla Homes also announced the first of its strategic brand alliances with Bangalore-based developer Apple Spire Pvt Ltd. The company launched its first residential project, Birla Apple Spire, in Bangalore.

Residential project- Birla Apple Spire

Birla Apple Spire is a luxury residential project, which would offer 250 premier two bedroom and three bedroom apartments at Nayandahalli on Mysore Road. “Birla Apple Spire, which will be a stone’s throw away from the Nayandahalli Metro Station, comes with a helipad among other amenities. Another USP of our apartments is that there would be a servant’s room attached to each apartment.”

Providing enough daylight and breeze, the living room, common room and bedroom of all apartments would be connected to a balcony each.


Synopsys User’s Group (SNUG) India Celebrates16TH Year with Record Gathering of Semiconductor Design Community


Bangalore, June 24, 2015 – Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNPS) today announced that it has hosted its 16th annual Synopsys User’s Group (SNUG™) in India to help engineers better address the productivity challenges they face when designing today’s chips and electronic systems. The conference, which has grown into one of the industry’s largest gatherings of semiconductor professionals in India, highlighted advancements in semiconductor design and verification that can be used to design even the most complex systems on chips (SoCs). More than 3,000 Synopsys tool, IP and software users attended the two-day conference on June 24 & 25 at the Leela Palace in Bangalore, making it the largest SNUG India event to date. Launched in 2000, SNUG India is part of a global program that began in 1991 and currently includes 13 user conferences with more than 10,000 participants each year.

SNUG India 2015 featured 57 user papers with 41 presentations that discussed a wide range of technical topics relating to design exploration, low power implementation and verification, test, mixed-signal verification, emulation and FPGA prototyping. This user-driven event promotes strong engagement with other semiconductor professionals and provides a platform for sharing best practices and methodologies in the area of semiconductor design. SNUG aims to showcase user innovation and foster local user communities. In addition to creating avenues to network with other professionals, this year’s event in India featured new solutions to address the toughest design challenges engineers face as the semiconductor industry takes bold steps towards sub-10-nanometer (10nm) system-on-chips (SoCs).

In his opening-day keynote address, Dr. Chi-Foon Chan, president and co-CEO of Synopsys, talked of the approaches taken by the industry to shorten design cycles while dealing with greater technological complexity.

From silicon to software, two simultaneous and fundamental trends drive the future. First, a decade of silicon advances brought substantially more computation and a world of Internet of Things (IoT) based on low-power and low-cost silicon capabilities. Second, these advances are leveraged by a massive software push, ranging from embedded software to domain-specific application software.

These trends are leading into a decade of smart everything that will impact both technology and business models. For designers and developers, it will result in increasing pressure to accelerate, or ‘shift left’, schedules regardless of the complexity. Dr. Chan’s presentation looked into the innovations and productivity advancements in design, verification, IP and software integrity to help the industry  ‘shift left’ from silicon to software.

Dr. Pradip Dutta, corporate vice president and managing director for Synopsys India said, “SNUG offers a valuable opportunity for the chip design engineering community to connect with each other, and to interact with Synopsys executives and technologists. This year we added a special track on software integrity that can address quality and security of software used by both semiconductor and enterprise customers.”

Daaman Hejmadi, VP of engineering, Qualcomm India, delivered a keynote address titled, “Why Wait? Harnessing Technology to Create a More Connected Society, NOW.” In his talk, Daaman highlighted technologies and innovations that address a wide range of real world problems from the lack of broadband connectivity in emerging nations to the need for creation of smart and interconnected societies. He shared the pioneering solutions being developed by Qualcomm and the opportunities and challenges these pose for the VLSI ecosystem.

A conference of this breadth would not be successful without industry ecosystem participation. SNUG India Platinum Sponsors included ARM, Global Foundries, Imagination, Samsung, Socionext and TSMC.


Hairline Launches Hair Multiplication Transplant for the first time in Karnataka

Bangalore, June 17th, 2015: A new technology in hair transplant procedures finds its way to India, through the pioneering efforts of Hairline International Research and Treatment Centre. Hair Multiplication Transplant combines the best of standard surgical procedures using FUE and FUT methods and the benefits of Acell matrix and Platelet Rich Plasma in hair transplant. The method ensures two primary benefits – a minimally invasive procedure and no loss of donor hair in the course of the procedure.

 “Hairline International has a research department that is constantly looking into refining our processes and services, says Bani Anand, Founder and CEO, Hairline International Research and Treatment Centre. “We are pleased at being able to launch Hair Multiplication Transplant as it provides a simple and effective method of hair transplant for all those seeking it.” 

 What is Hair Multiplication Transplant?

Plucked donor hair is dipped into a medium that is a mix of Acell Matrix and Platelet Rich plasma. These enriched hairs are then transplanted onto the bald areas of the patient, where it begins to grown naturally, as normal hair would.

Speaking at the launch of this technology, Dr. Dinesh G. Gowda, Dermato-surgeon, Hairline International Research and Treatment Centre says, “Acell Matrix enhances the growth of new blood vessels with Mesenchymal cells. The Platelet Rich plasma releases various growth factors that encourage the growth of transplanted hair. With this technique, the plucked hair used increases the density of the transplant area. It also preserves the donor area. The loss of plucked hair is minimal with a 30% growth rate for the total hair plucked.”

What are the Benefits of HMT?

HMT is an easy and non-invasive method of hair transplant and is particularly suitable for patients with a lesser donor area. The germinative cells secured when plucking hair is enough to form new hair follicles without reducing their growth in the donor area. This ensures that the donor area is preserved.

“As a part of the service industry and one that has to be personal grooming, we are constantly on the lookout for the latest technology that will help our patients. Hair Multiplication Transplant  is a procedure that combines hair multiplication with conventional hair transplantation to give additional benefits and results than the average transplant surgery. It will encourage a larger number of people to seek hair fall solutions,” Bani Anand added.

Art of Living and Sattva Store launched on

Bengaluru, June 11, 2015: Disciples of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and supporters of The Art of Living Foundation residing in over 152 countries can now purchase diverse range of merchandise on Effective today, both, Art of Living and Sattva store have been launched on eBay India.

The Art of Living store will house Books, Discourses, Audio CDs,DVDs, and unique Bhajan collections. High quality exclusive and eclectic products range in the areas of nutrition, wellness, beauty and home will made available via the Sattva Store on

Shri. Prasana Prabhu, Trustee, Sri Sri Publications Trust said“We are pleased to partner with eBay Indiaas it not only offers an alternate channel to disciples of Art of Living and customers who regularly buy products from Sattva Store, but also help us connect with a wider base of our followers present in 152 countries.”

Latif Nathani, Vice President and Managing Director, eBay India said, “eBay India is the only ecommerce platform that will enable availability of The Art of Living and Sattva Store products to 155 million customers in over 206 countries.We are proud that has been chosen to fulfill the demand from consumers not only in India but also from those who reside internationally.”

Followers in 152 countries can purchase some unique merchandise that is being listed on including

  • Enlighten Tablet
  • Speak Sanskrit Smart Pen
  • Anti-Radiation Chip
  • Fragrance Reed Diffusers

Customers can make purchases through Credit card, EMI, Debit card, Online Bank Transfer, Cash on Delivery and also redeem their PAYBACK points. All purchases are covered under the eBay Guarantee which ensures refund or replacement in case a consumer is unhappy with the purchase.

Recovery of patients faster in a greener environment: Jayakar Jerome

Bengaluru June 5, 2015: “Patients recover faster in a greener environment as they get more fresh air and sunlight. St Martha’s Hospital is in the heart of the city but is able to offer a very green environment to the patients. The entire Hospital campus is green with thousands of trees and open green spaces, the credit of which goes to all those who have been diligently planting saplings every year,” said Jayakar Jerome, Director, St Martha’s Hospital and Former Ambassador of India to Slovenia .

Sister Prameela Preumpally, President of St. Martha’s Hospital, Dr. Baljit Singh, Director Professor, G.B Pant Hospital Delhi, Mr. A.N Rajagopalan, Chief Financial Advisor,Mr. P.P Nardekar, Deputy Chief Engineer (VAC &LE) General Consultants to BMRCL and Mr. M. Jawahar, Project Manager of L&T also planted saplings.

Jayakar Jerome was speaking at the sapling plantation at the Hospital on the occasion of World Environment Day today by employees of L & T. Quite a lot of Hospital staff- doctors and nurses were present during the tree plantation.

Over 30 saplings of trees were planted in the Hospital today in the main park area overlooking the front gate. The saplings vary from Eucalyptus, Neem, Sampige, Oak, some of which are of the evergreen variety. 

“Many who visit the St Martha’s Hospital premises for the first time are surprised by the green cover in the Hospital. In fact our recovery rooms adjacent to the ICU open up to a green open space where the patients are wheeled, for them to get enough sunlight,” explained Jerome.

 “Tree plantation is like investment for the future of your children. You plant a sapling today and your children will reap the benefits of it years later. But it’s a very noble investment,” said Jerome adding that if each one of us just plants one sapling in our immediate surroundings- home, school, office etc, imagine how greener the earth would be!

Government notifies guidelines to protect Good Samaritans from harassment


5th June 2015– Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturer (SIAM) and Society for Automotive Fitness & Environment (SAFE), an initiative by SIAMcelebrated the World Environment Day today across  4750 dealers across the nation. On the occasion, SIAM-SAFE organised various activities related to environment safety and conservationwith a pledge to spread awareness around environment protection, sustenance and eco-conscious growth.

On the occasion, SIAM-organised several mass awareness campaigns with specific focus on Safety, Environment and Technology to promote safety and environment protection. The specific activities includingfree day-long PUC check-ups and issuing of free PUC certificateswas organised on 5th June at various dealer’s across India to serve the purpose of protecting our environment by maintaining our vehicles and minimizing pollution.There were also other unique initiatives like sapling distribution, tree plantations, green processions, awareness rallies, etc. which were conducted at the dealership outlets. For effective organisation of the camp, all dealers displayed material at individual workshop and were covered under a common environment day banner.

Mr. Vishnu Mathur, Director General, SIAM, said, “The Indian automobile Industry has always been committed to its care for the environment and it is our endeavour to enhance public awareness towards key environmental issues. SIAMfirmly believes that the community education is a key contributor in this direction and all members come together to spread awareness about cleaner environment among vehicle owners and society as a whole. On the occasion of World Environment day we expect enthusiastic response and support from vehicle owners to make it a huge success and hope that this initiative creates an impact ensuring proper maintenance of their vehicles while looking at safety.”

Various member companies that participated in the celebration of World Environment day were Ashok Leyland Ltd, Bajaj Auto Ltd,, Hero MotoCorp Ltd, Honda Car India Ltd, Honda Motorcycle& Scooter India Pvt Ltd, Mahindra &Mahindra Ltd, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, Mercedez Benz India Pvt Ltd, Nissan Motor India Pvt Ltd, Tata Motors Ltd, TVS Motor Company Ltd, Ford India Pvt Ltd, Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt Ltd and Skoda Auto India Pvt Ltd amongst others.