Expectations pertaining to the real estate sector from the union budget-2017

Quote from Mr. C.N Govindaraju, Chairman & Managing Director, Vaishnavi Group,

“We expect the interest rates on home loans for affordable housing segment which are under Rs.50 lakhs to be around 7% and for the other segments to be sub 8%. We also expect that the IT exemption for housing loans to move up from Rs. 1.5 lakhs to 2 lakhs.In the non-metro areas, the built up area for affordable housing segment has to be taken up from 60sqm to 90sqm ofplinth area. We are also expecting financial institutions to extend their maximum tenure of loan repayment from 20 years to 25 years.The triggers which will bring the momentum back in the real estate industry are lower interest rates on home loans, tax sops to the home buyers, single window clearance for developers and fast track clearance process.”


 Mr. Suresh Hari, Secretary, CREDAI Bengaluru 

Since demonetization, the Industry is expecting a greater level of facilities and impetus to the Real Estate.

The announced incentives to Affordable and low cost housing is the beginning.

The expected Industry tag to the sector is a long sought after demand and will improve better financial inflow and management.

Income tax exemption for affordable and dwellings of particular size will ensure that greater reach for demanding home buyers.
Better borrowing terms for real estate industry from commercial banks is a pending demand. Since the Habitat Policy envisages housing for all by 2022, this approach will enable cost of finance considerably comfortable.

Rationalization of plethora of Labor laws, which the Industry faces.
With GST regime kicking in , better tax administration is expected and more incentives for the sector from local governments is sought.
With RERA being implemented, the customer issue of home buyers is well taken care of. The government need to address  real estate industry with the better tax rates due to increased cost on account  of  RERA impacted cost .


Cyriac Joseph, of Vaishnavi group featured in the “Most Influential Marketing Leaders”

Bangalore, 24th Jan, 2017: Cyriac Joseph, Senior Vice President Marketing, Vaishnavi group was recently honored with a citation and featured in the “Most influential Marketing leaders” listing at the World Marketing Congress at Mumbai.  The honor was conferred at a glittering function held at the Taj Lands End, Mumbai. This was a moment of great pride for both Cyriac as well as the Vaishnavi group as the award is counted as extremely coveted and distinguished.

With over 23 years of extensive sales and marketing experience in the realty sector in Bangalore, Cyriac Joseph has earned this honor based on his hard work and commitment to excellence. In his ongoing career, he continues to build, mentor and lead teams to work towards individual and organizational goals.  With his superior interpersonal and communications skills, he has been able to successfully motivate and guide teams to perform beyond their potential.  Cyriac’s focus has always been to follow the basics and keep things simple.  A people’s person, he enjoys working with people just as people love working with him.

According to Cyriac Joseph, “it is an honor to find mention in this list as this is a result of an intensely researched process undertaken by the research cell of The World Marketing Congress”.    I owe this to my team at the Vaishnavi group.” Cyriac’s philosophy is getting the fundamentals right each time and in every opportunity.  Sharing an excellent rapport with all the stakeholders of the real estate industry including the realtor community and housing finance companies, Cyriac is an asset to Vaishnavi.

The World Marketing Congress is the single largest congregation of best marketers behind some of the world’s most successful and sought after brands.  In line with its theme of 2016, “Next now”, the citation and listing aims to honor individuals who are visionaries, leaders and have the ability to take the right action at the right time.


Hairline International Introduces Hair Follicle Stem Cell Treatmentfor Treatment of Alopecia

Bangalore, January 13th 2016: Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic now offers patients of Alopecia the benefits of Hair Follicle Stem Cell therapy to enhance the regrowth of hair. This is a procedure that utilizes stem cells present in hair follicles. These cells are processed in a laboratory, made into solution and reintroduced into the scalp via injections on the bald site. In patients with less than 40% of hair loss, this treatment form is used as a standalone form or may be combined with PRP. For patients with more than 40% of hair loss, this procedure may be combined with hair transplant surgery for effective results.

Speaking on this procedure, Dr. Premalatha, Dermatosurgeon, Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic says, “In the first session with the patient, we extract hair follicles –using the dermal punches or plugged out hair. This is then sent to the lab for processing. These follicles are multiplied and a lotion prepared of it. This process takes around 3 days. A liquid form of the stem cells is obtained, in which the cells have been cultured in a specific media. The cell count is increased to one-two million on average. This liquid is then injected into the scalp after the application of local anesthesia.”

Speaking on the introduction of the procedure, Ms. Bani Anand, Founder and Managing Director, Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic says, “We are constantly looking for ways to improve on the results of hair regrowth with the various procedures that we offer. With stem cell therapy already being in extensive use and its efficacy proven, this therapy is ideal for introduction in the market right now”.

What makes this procedure interesting is its flexibility. Based on the extent of Alopecia, this is a procedure that can be performed independently, or in combination with PRP. It can also be combined with hair transplant surgery. Usually where hair loss is labelled between Grade 1 to 4, hair transplant surgery is not opted for. When there is a loss of more than 40% of the hair only then is surgery prescribed. In such cases stem cell therapy may be used on the table as well as six weeks post-transplant.

In general, this therapy is conducted over 3 sessions at a monthly interval depending on the grade of alopecia or the response shown.Alternately it can be 4-6 weeks interval. The schedule is created based on the response to treatment.It takes about 8-12 weeks for visible results.

For more details call: Ms. Veda on 080 4093 7765, 91 97399 43112 or log on to www.hairline.in.


Brigade Pinnacle Inaugurated – Brigade’s First Luxury Apartment Project in Derebail, Mangaluru.

Mangaluru, 9 January 2017:

Brigade Group, one of India’s leading builders headquartered in Bangalore has over the past 30 years created many landmark and innovative projects across South India. Brigade Pinnacle, Brigade’s first luxury apartment project in Mangaluru is ready and was inaugurated recently by Shri. Mohiuddin Bava, MLA, Mangaluru North in the presence of Shri. Rajesh K, Corporator, Mr. M R Jaishankar, CMD Brigade Enterprises Limited and invited guests.


 Brigade Pinnacle is located in Derebail, one of the fastest growing localities in Mangaluru.  The project is built on a 3.3 acre land parcel and has a total saleable area of 6.12 lacs. Brigade Pinnacle comprises of 394 apartments of 2 & 3 bedrooms across three 22 storey towersand  is a luxury residential project that epitomizes luxury and style. The apartments come with contemporary layouts and modern amenities like a clubhouse that includes a swimming pool, gymnasium and a recreation zone for a balanced lifestyle.

 On the occasion of the inauguration of Brigade Pinnacle, Mr.M.R Jaishankar, CMD, Brigade Enterprises Limited said:

 “Brigade forayed into Mangaluru through its luxury residential project Brigade Pinnacle. The project has given Mangaloreans the opportunity to experience the quality of a trusted and reputed developer from Bangalore. We are happy to have successfully completed our maiden project in Mangaluru and am sure we have been able to build positive experiences for our customers.”


“Housing Loan Interest Reduction Will Boost Bengaluru’s Role in Achieving Housing for All 2022”: J.C. Sharma, President, CREDAI Bengaluru

Bengaluru, 4th January 2017: Affordable housing segment developers in Bengaluru have now been provided with a bit of respite. Bengaluru has been on the forefront of the affordable housing development move, despite the various challenges faced by the sector. This can be seen in the number of branded real estate developers in the sector and their projects. Following the Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech on New Year’s Eve, the sector has now got an immense shot in the arm.

In his recent speech on New Year’s Eve, the Prime Minister appealed to banks to create ways to enhance credit to low income groups and cut interest rates. In response, State Bank of India (SBI), one of the largest players in the housing industry brought its home loan interest to 8.6% from the current 9.1%. This adds 60 basis points spread above the new MCLR (marginal cost of lending rates) of 8%. Other banks like Punjab National Bank, Union Bank of India too, have brought down their benchmark lending rates by up to 0.9 percent. Another reason that made the Prime Minister’s request a feasible one to fulfill is that the demonetization drive saw a massive increase in deposit flows in banks.

This is good news for new borrowers in Bengaluru since a big reduction in home loan interest rates means their loan tenure would come down by a few years for those who opt for 20-25 year home loan. This gives a huge impetus to the housing development sector and will bring the industry closer to its goal of achieving Housing for All by 2022.

Speaking on the possible impact of this largest reduction in home loan interest rates, J C Sharma, President, CREDAI Bengaluru says, “Ever since announcement of Housing from all by 2022 scheme, the real industry has been requesting the implementation of certain requirements to enable achieving the target placed. Incentives such as this single massive reduction in interest rates is what the industry and especially the Bengaluru market is looking for. Bengaluru city has close to 30 projects with close to 16,300 units being made available to potential home owners. Demonetization has resulted in lending capacity of banks going up as the cost of capital decreases. We anticipate that in the forthcoming budget, projects in the Rs 30-45 lakhs bracket will get more importance”.

Speaking on how the various introductions by the government will give impetus to the industry, Suresh Hari, Secretary, CREDAI Bengaluru says, “With the Prime Minister’s announcement on New Year’s Eve on the reduction of interest rate – the affordable housing sector has received a major impetus. Coupled with the introduction of the RERA Bill, demonetization, special schemes for senior citizens as well as unique incentives for affordable housing, the industry is going see a huge leap in terms of development. This will allow projects to be better valued and EMI schemes to be worked out, bringing in cash into the industry and promoting completion and handover of projects quicker. This provides a huge boost to the growth of the industry and bodes very well for the several affordable housing projects in areas such as Attibele, Hosur Road, Doddaballapur Road, off KR Puram, Kanakapura Road and Tumkur Road. With scope for better absorption rates, more such projects may see the light of day”.


Predictions on the Medical Management of Hair for 2017

2016 Highlights for Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic

Bangalore, January 4th, 2016:The year 2016 has been a memorable one for Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic. Now in its 7thyear, with numerous achievements in the fields of medical management hair and skin care as well as research in the field, Hairline International has had an eventful year and is proud of being able to address several needs of its clients with advanced services which are closer to what customers really want.

Here are the highlights of some of Hairline’s path breaking achievements in 2016:

Introduction of Cranial Scalp Prosthetics

One of the issues that came up consistently among patients is that they were unhappy with densityachieved in a hair transplant. People were looking at 100% high density coverage in one session as opposed to multiple sessions. The major issues faced were challenges with donor area,as well as the fact that many patients did not want to go through another session 6-9 months down the line. Hairline found that internationally, hair transplants are being done in conjunction with other technologically advanced procedures. This resulted in the introduction of the cranial scalp prosthetics, where the result in one sitting is as good as a natural head of hair and lasts a significant number of years. This procedure also addresses a problematic scalp donor area. The only ones in the country to introduce this right now, Hairline has tied up with international counterparts in the field to provide the service.

The benefits include the use of a procedure and polymers that are FDA approved. The technology is endorsed and back by the Italian government, the country where this procedure has been pioneered. The prosthetic is like a second skin, making it natural.

This offering is the best that Hairline International currently has to offer from the international market.

Development of Products with Growth Factors

Hairline International has always laid emphasis on research oriented treatment forms. From the research of the last year, evolved the use of PCb2 in hair treatment options provided. Similarly the development and introduction of PGD2 blockers,a prostaglandin that binds to the receptor PTGDR as well as CRTH2 in other words a potential enzyme capable of preventing hair growth is significant.

Hairline has always evolved from offering treatments with adipose-derived stem cells to hair follicle stem cells based therapy. Hair Follicle Stem Cell therapy to enhance the regrowth of hair. This is a procedure that utilizes stem cells present in hair follicles. These cells are processed in a laboratory, made into a solution and reintroduced into the scalp via injections on the bald site. In patients with less than 40% of hair loss, this treatment form is used as a standalone form or may be combined with PRP. For patients with more than 40% of hair loss, this procedure may be combined with hair transplant surgery for effective results.

Also introduced and offered along with the hair regrowth procedure PRP is Extra Cellular Matrix or ECM, a wound-healing material used to regenerate human tissue like skin and muscle. When used in treating hair loss, ECM stimulates the body’s production of adult stem cells, which appears to clinically repair hair follicles and encourage growth.

 Hairline International has also launched a number of products with enhanced features – from hair moisturizers to hair sunscreens and more, the organization has constantly been upping its game in the sector.

In 2017

In the New Year, Hairline International plans to evolve its pathology lab to a stem cell lab. This will give them more control on product development thanks to teams who are well qualified to see the whole development process through. Hairline will also have an ethics committee in place to ensure everything is taken care of in an organized manner.

Hairline will also capitalize on research opportunities, in association with government organizations. The work will be in the field of finding ways and means of improving lifestyle for better growth and reducing hair loss in a natural way. The idea is to devise various ways in which life becomes environment friendly.

Alongside the service-oriented part of Hairline’s work, they will also look at putting together customizable schemes for people to improve their lifestyle. One of these is Nutregenomics – where experts will develop gene panelson nutrition, fitness and metabolic issues.

Besides lifestyle changes this will also look at genetically inherited issues that one may have. This will help work on a preventive lifestyle. Being able to approach the elements that influences these genetic aspects ensures that one can control or prevent ailments that one may be prone to.

Each panel will tell you what will work or not work for you. Based on this a patient will be provided a host of antioxidants and guidance on the way forward. This is aimed at people who appreciate preventive cure. People are able to understand their body in advance and this helps extensively.

Hairline will also be upping its game on the technological front and will be acquiring the latest in equipment and devices.

2017 for the Hair and Skin Industry

Internationally, the beauty care products industry is pegged to reach $265 billion in 2017. Close on the heels of skin care, will be the demand for hair care products and treatment forms. Combination therapies such as PRP with ECM, hair transplant with cranial prosthetics and the like will be in demand. This is because people are increasingly looking at quicker and better results with fewer sittings and exposure to invasive surgery procedures. High end technology will find its way into treatment forms, working both on preventive as well as control aspects of medical management of hair.

For more details call: 080 2529 9002, or log on to www.hairline.in.