First of its kind collaboration by Apollo Cradle with designer Rina Dhaka to launch exclusive maternity wear line for expectant and new mothers.

The new line uniquely combines functionality with fashion and comfort
India, July 27, 2019: While functionality is core to maternity clothing and fashion is a much enjoyed bonus, any expectant or new mother will vouch that comfort tops the list with the huge bump or the new born in hand! If you are grappling to find the utopic combination of the three, despite the plethora of maternity wear available today, fret no more! In a pioneering and novel initiative Apollo Cradle, the countrys leading maternity care chain, has joined hands with celeb designer, Rina Dhaka to launch an exclusive, custom designed maternity line for expectant and new mothers. The line is designed as a go-to maternity clothing and features everyday essentials in soft, luxurious feeling, sustainable fabric and knits, offering expectant and new mothers a style thats classy, comfortable and effortlessly feminine.

Rina Dhaka for Apollo Cradle features a range of feeding tunics, feeding cathes and jackets, that are not only functional and stylish, but are unique in that they move away from the stretch materials that most maternity clothing come in, to use sustainable, organic and breathable fabric such as the liva yarn, soft cottons, linen and khadi, providing young mothers the much needed day-long comfort during this phase, without having to compromise on looking chic and trendy. They also move away from modern, contemporary fashion and prints to feature a classic style, with features like hand tacking, embroidery, kimono sleeves, cowl necks and belting in classy, vintage hues such as creams, baby pink and black & white!
Speaking on new maternity line, Rina Dhaka says, I have always wanted to design a maternity wear line. Not only did I myself grapple with finding good clothes as a young mother 20 years back but over the years, despite the growing range of maternity clothing available in the market, I have seen young mothers still unable to find a ready-to-wear range that they can easily slip into and be comfortable in all day long. I am glad I am finally doing this in collaboration with a reputed maternity care brand like Apollo Cradle because it just meant that they understood what todays mothers really need and provided me the space to design and put together what I have always had in mind, without trying to ape current fashion trends, prints, fabrics, etc. This line promises to be a must have in every expectant or new mothers wardrobe

Anubhav Prashant, COO, Apollo Cradle and Apollo Fertility, adds, From interacting and engaging with thousands of young mothers over the years, we knew how important maternity clothing is to them and being a holistic maternity care provider, we just saw an opportunity to provide fashion and clothing that feels and fits great. We found an apt partner in Rina and her sensibilities towards what this target segment really required, vis a vis what is readily available. In addition to the maternity clothing, Rina has also designed maternity hospital gowns and our care-takers uniforms, giving us a makeover, that projects and conveys our commitment to comfortable maternity experiences. I thank her for putting together such a wonderful collection in a short span and being here today to unveil it on this important occasion”
The new maternity line is available at all Apollo Cradle centers across cities, at present and will soon be launched online & on a mobile app.
About Apollo Cradle:

Apollo Cradle, Indias leading healthcare destination for women and children, is driven by the aim to provide the highest standards of care for every patient, every mother, every baby and every child. The Apollo Groups legacy of over 36 years of clinical excellence runs through every aspect of Apollo Cradle. The strong belief in the better the care, the safer the patients has stood the hospital in good stead over the years. And the facts speak for themselves the one year and five year safety records are exemplary to say the least. In 36 years, over 1,50,000+ babies were delivered, and each mother and baby is unique to us.

About Rina Dhaka:
Rina Dhaka is among Indias leading fashion designers, who made a promising entry in the Indian fashion scene around late eighties, and from there on she became the most creative and dynamic fashion designer India has ever witnessed. She is known for her innovative textile skills in Indian wear and her international sensibilities for western outfits. Today she is referred as the Gaultier of east by BBC, perfectly apt for her innovative and in depth research based collections.
Few of her accomplishments include:
She is a recipient of Yuva Ratan Award.
She has won the Best Designer award at the Miami Fashion Week

She represented India at the India promotions at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris and Interstoff in Germany.
Her designs are adorned not just in India but also by global faces internationally like Naomi Campbell, Tom Kinson, Uma Thurman, Tara Palmer etc….
Today she retails from top design labels across the world like Anthropology, USA (stock her in their 175 stores), Indomix USA, Lodenfrey Munich, Fine Rhine Hong Kong, Sanskrit Hong Kong and in over 20 boutiques within India and the rest of the world.
She also retails exclusively from her stand-alone retail outlet in DLF Emporio, New Delhi.


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