Round up of the year 2016 and outlook of 2017 for real estate sector

Mr. Suresh Hari, Secretary, CREDAI Bangalore.

The change maker Bill of Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill 2016 will take the industry to a new level. Apart from regulating the industry, it enables customers to have more equitable participation in the development of dwellings of their choice. While the bill addresses the essential need of the consumer, it falters to involve all stakeholders into the ambit of the Act. The industry demand of uniform real estate tax across county is long-pending. Title registration charges and duty varies from state to state and the need to reduce this burden is not achieved. Title Assurance if established with collected duty and charges, it will be a big support to consumers and will enable the industry to scale up to the national mission in 2017.

Mr. Om Ahuja, CEO – Residential, Brigade Enterprises Ltd.

Commercial office demand in Bengaluru was at its best in 2016 with approximately 13 million sq feet of leasing. Bengaluru has the lowest vacancy level, when it comes to office space and it’s the best in the country. This reflects positive business confidence in the city by business houses and multinationals for the year 2017. India has only two such cities witnessing such large leasing volumes,

Mr. Cyriac Joseph | Senior Vice President – Marketing of Vaishnavi group    

2016 has been a relatively encouraging year for the real-estate sector in general and Bangalore in particular. Optimally sized and priced homes targeted at the burgeoning urban middle-class have continued to perform well, while sales of luxury to super-premium homes has, comparatively, been muted.

Overall the challenges in 2016 mirrored the challenges of earlier years. The project approval process continues to pose a major challenge in terms of time taken to obtain the multiple approvals required from various authorities. On the construction side, the lack of skilled labour and the ever-rising cost of construction continue to pose a challenge.

RERA will be a game changer in our view, and will impact the real estate industry in a positive manner in 2017. As the industry in general and developers in particular move towards an era of accountability and transparency, the major beneficiaries without doubt are the end consumers, whose confidence and morale will be bolstered. This, in turn, will signal better and faster home sales and possibly a spurt in launches in some key markets.

Further, with demonetization, it is widely expected that interest rates will come down not only making housing more affordable to the common man but enabling a larger base of customers to purchase their dream home.

The introduction of GST is a progressive move and will provide the much required clarity in terms of the tax structure.


Vaishnavi Group: recipient Conclave & of awards in three coveted categories and the Scroll of Honour at the 8th Realty Plus Excellence Awards 2016

Bangalore, December 29, 2016

 Vaishnavi Group was adjudged the winner in three prestigious categories at the recently held 8th Realty Plus Conclave & Excellence Awards 2016 – South.  In addition Mr C N Govindaraju, Managing director of Vaishanavi Group  was conferred with the Scroll of Honor which is a highly acclaimed award bestowed upon a select few.

Held this year at Hotel Orchid, Bengaluru, the glittering function was attended by the who’s who of Indian Realty with Architect Shiela Sri Prakash from Chennai being the Guest of Honor.

Vaishnavi Group bagged honors in the following categories.

The Commercial Property of the year was awarded to Union 29 which is Vaishnavi’s top notch commercial property on Cubbon Road, Bangalore.  The property is testimony to the organizations’ state of the art engineering, design and architectural capabilities and demonstrates excellence at a conceptual, development and delivery level.

The Luxury Project of the year was taken by Vaishnavi Terraces.   The revolutionary project is the epitome of luxury combined with aesthetics, superior design coupled with unmatched amenities and facilities.  Scoring high on the planning and execution aspect as well, this was indeed a well deserved winner in the category.

The Real estate website of the year was awarded to the company’s website (  Designed to provide the customer a superior online experience, the website of the company exhibits an intuitive design and navigation resulting in a unique personalized online home seeking experience. Efficient and robust, the  website attracts consistent high traffic with a very low bounce rate.

The highlight of the evening was the Scroll of Honor being awarded to C N Govindaraju, Founder and Chairman of the Vaishnavi group.  A visionary and a man of humble beginnings, his contribution to the industry is immense.  Having been President of CREDAI twice, Mr Govindraju’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is unparalleled.  The esteemed award is testimony and reflection of his as well the organizations’ core philosophy of “Building from the Heart”.


Selection process and jury:

The awards have a rigorous nomination process and applications are scrutinized thoroughly for adherence to the rules and regulations.  The final winners are decided by a distinguished panel  of members who form the jury.  The eminent members of the jury for 2016 (South) were:

Anuj Puri: Chairman & Country Head, JLL India

Jaideep Gandhi: MD,Jaya Advertising

Joe Verghese: MD, Colliers International

Ar. Yatin Patel: Founding Partner & Director DSP Design Associates Pvt. Ltd.

Ar. Prem Nath: Architect, Prem Nath And Associates Architects India

Vivek Soin: Founding Director & Principal,Westcourt

Realty Plus Conclave & Excellence Awards

Organized by Realty Plus, which is one of India’s leading real estate magazines, these awards are highly celebrated and are held across the country each year.  Realty plus, in fact was awarded the “Best Real Estate Magazine” by Real Estate Development Council (NARDECO) in  2014.

These awards aim to recognize the hard work of organizations behind some of the best real estate projects and also of individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the sector.  Apart from honoring the best of the best in the industry it is also a forum where key stakeholders can meet and discuss issues impacting the sector.



Hairline International Research Indicates 80% of Hair Loss Patients Have Presence of PFOA found in Teflon, In Their Blood

PFOA causes Hyperthyroidism, High Cholesterol and PCOD

Bangalore, December 15th 2016: Is your kitchen equipped with nonstick cookware or Teflon coated cooking utensils? Are your water sources free from PFOA? Do you have stain-resistant clothes or mats in the house that may emanate Teflon coated particles? What you may believe to be a smart lifestyle decision may be working against you. Internationally there is a move towards reducing dependency on products that may be lined with PFOA based substances.

Hairline International Research and Treatment Centre released a report on the effects of Teflon that contains Perflurooctanoic Acid (PFOA), on hair fall. The report was released by Dr. S. Sacchidanand, Director of Medical Education, Government of Karnataka. In this recently concluded study, it was proven that 80% of the cases visiting the clinic with hair fall are PFOA positive. What is alarming is that of these cases, 65%, irrespective of gender developed high cholesterol. 70% of the women developed Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) and 65% developed hypothyroidism.

Speaking on the release of this research, Dr. Sacchidanand said, “There are a number of products we use on a daily basis thinking that they are good for our health and lifestyle. However, research such as the one released by Hairline International today shows that there is a need to examine such products and substances in depth to truly understand their impact on us in the long run”.

Speaking on this research Dr. Dinesh G Gowda, Dermatosurgeon Hairline International Research and Treatment Center says, “Once PFOA is in the system, it is metabolized by the kidneys and liver, affecting the larger organs significantly in the long run. There are a range of diseases that the average human is now exposed as a result of lifestyle changes and the hectic pace of life in general. What was once perceived as a move towards a healthy lifestyle can now be the cause of illness.”

Dr. Premalatha V, Dermatosurgeon, Hairline International Research and Treatment Center says, “We have routinely carried out numerous researches on the various elements patients are exposed to and their possible connection to hair loss. Teflon (PFOA) is a commonly occurring element in households and even in water, and we found it important to look into its connection with hair loss. This research provides a new approach to dealing with hair loss and looks beyond known causes usually found in textbooks. This approach takes into account the new lifestyle diseases that are now afflicting people”.

Ms. Bani Anand, Founder and Managing Director, Hairline International says, “Hairline’s research wing has, over the years undertaken numerous researches which have helped us enhance the medical management of hair and skin that we are dedicated to doing. Internationally, a number of researches have been conducted on the possible harmful effects of PFOA and it has been found to have negative effects. This research helps us understand how an everyday element can wreak havoc on hair and how it may be countered”.