Bangalore, September 29, 2015

“With the unveiling of the Duet and Maestro Edge today, Hero has entered into the next phase of its exciting journey. It is a step towards the evolution of this iconic brand that has, for many years, personified reliability and efficiency. The introduction of Maestro Edge and Duet ­­­­- developed in-house with our own technology while keeping the global customer in mind – is a significant milestone in our relentless endeavour to become a global mobility powerhouse.”

“These new products are a testimony to our ongoing efforts to create a world class R&D eco-system that will create products from India, for the world. These products, therefore, are not just about Hero – they also represent the New India with its engineering and innovation capabilities! As a world leading two-wheeler manufacturer, we are attuned to what customers most desire, and have thus developed products that will instantly appeal to them. Embodying Hero’s core values, the Maestro Edge and Duet also incorporate all the prerequisites of a champion product, which will enable us to continue with our success story in this highly competitive market. This is just the beginning; we are developing a vibrant range of products, including motorcycles and scooters, that will excite and engage our customers in all our markets.”

Pawan Munjal

Chairman, Managing Director and CEO

Hero MotoCorp Ltd.

Built on a completely new engine and chassis platform, both ‘Maestro Edge’ and ‘Duet’ demonstrate the passion for technology and innovation at Hero. The scooters are making market entry within two years of being showcased at the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo, further reaffirming the company’s strong focus on developing new products that cater to a global audience.

The all-new 110cc Maestro Edge is a premium product making a bold statement with its dynamic design and features. The Maestro Edge boasts of several new features like twin parking lamp, remote fuel lid and seat opening and digi-analogue dashboard. The ‘Maestro Edge’ made its global debut recently in Colombia (named Dash for that market), during the inauguration of Hero’s first overseas manufacturing facility.

The all-new attractive 110cc Duet comes with a metal body, making it sturdy and durable. Designed for a wide spectrum of customers, its array of features provides the rider with convenience like never before for a great riding experience.

Both scooters feature multiple safety and convenience features including the side stand indicator, front luggage box, boot light and throttle position sensor (TPS).

The Maestro Edge will be launched across markets on October 13th with a starting price of Rs. 49,500 (Ex-showroom Delhi) for the LX version and Rs. 50,700 (Ex-showroom Delhi) for the VX version. The market launch of the Duet will follow thereafter.

The largest seller in its segment, Hero’s 100cc Pleasure, designed and uniquely positioned for women and the 110cc Maestro – consistently among the top three scooters in India, are well established in the scooter segment and the company emerged as the largest exporter of scooters in the financial year 2014-15. HMCL’s current scooter capacity is over one million units, and with the introduction of the new scooter models in the portfolio, the company will be aggressively targeting to gain market share in the category.

The exciting new scooter range is an output of HMCL’s efforts to create a robust technology ecosystem for developing world-class products here in India. With the commencement of operations at the Hero Centre of Global Innovation and R&D at Jaipur in Rajasthan by Q3 FY’16, the company is looking at fast-tracking the development of its innovation-led portfolio. The centre will house globally-renowned experts who will be engaged in the development of Hero’s future product line-up.


Nutrela (Ruchi Soya Industries Limited) ties up with PFNDAI to enhance awareness on the benefits of Soya in Karnataka & Maharashtra

Bangalore: September 28, 2015:  India’s leading FMCG Company Ruchi Soya Industries Limited has tied up with PFNDAI to advise it on Soya brand Nutrela. Dr Pai is Executive Director of Protein Foods & Nutrition Development Association of India and he will also propagate the benefits of Soya to other nutritionists.

Nutrela and PFNDAI will be implementing a nutritionist outreach programme in the states of Karnataka and Maharashtra. The two sides will be jointly reaching out to more than 200 nutritionists each in Mumbai and Bangalore alone in the next two months.

The initiative comes at a time when health has emerged as a growing concern in India. India is home to a majority of the heart patients in the World. A major cause of this is a sedentary and stressful lifestyle. This has prompted many Indians to move away from a traditional Indian breakfast towards a healthy breakfast. This is where soya food can play a huge role with their strong protein content.

The Nutrela brand has been in existence for over two decades. It straddles the entire spectrum of Soya offerings including chunks, mini chunks and granules.      

“We are extremely pleased to be associated with an eminent organisation like PFNDAI and a nutritionist and scientist like Dr Pai. His knowledge will help us in creating healthy products for a healthier India. Like us, he too shares an abiding commitment towards good health,” said Mr. Nilesh Mazumdar – CEO, Consumer Brand Division of Ruchi Soya Industries Limited

“I am extremely happy to be associated with the Nutrela brand and educate people on the benefits of Soya. Today with even young people suffering from serious health problems, it is important to recalibrate our lifestyles. One way of doing this is by including more protein in our food,” says Dr Jagdish Pai, Executive Director, PFNDAI.

Nutrela is supporting the movement towards good health through its table spreads which substitute butter and margarine and do not have cholesterol and transfats. Nutrela Oils delivers on the promise of healthy cooking oil thereby contributing further to the health movement in India.

Ruchi Soya Industries will also be rolling out its School Contact Programme in more than 400 schools in Karnataka and 3000 schools in Maharashtra. The objective of this programme is to educate children around nutrition, specifically the goodness of soya and the advantages of soya over other foods like milk/egg/meat. The campaign will feature sampling and contests.


ExxonMobil participates at Confederation of India Industry’s (CII) multi-city workshops on “Enhanced Energy Efficiency in Industrial Lubrication”

September 16, 2015, Bangalore, India – ExxonMobil Lubricants Private Limited, a wholly-owned affiliate of Exxon Mobil Corporation, was present as an eminent industry speaker at these state level workshops organized by CII in cities like Jaipur, Bhubaneshwar, Ahmedabad, Pune, Mumbai and Vapi. The workshop was on the theme of “Enhanced Energy Efficiency in Industrial Lubrication”. The Mumbai chapter of the workshop was well attended by key industry players, stakeholders and academia.

In the first phase of the initiative by CII, a comprehensive techno-strategic report titled “Enhanced Energy Efficiency in Industrial Lubrication” was released by Dr. Ajay Mathur, Director General, Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Ministry of Power and Mr. Rajiv Mishra, Director, Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA), Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas at an exclusive session organized by CII in November 2014. The report described technicalities behind energy efficient lubricants and their corresponding benefits, besides capturing a few real time case studies. It also included results from a primary survey that was conducted to assess the current understanding of energy efficient lubrication, across various categories of designated industrial energy consumers.

Balancing energy supply and demand is going to be critical for growth and success of the Indian economy. Today, industry is putting much effort in exploring and opportunities to save energy energy through adoption of various energy efficient technologies. Energy efficiency improvements through lubricant technology are often overlooked in industrial facilities. Energy efficient and high performance lubricants are consumables; they are not capital intensive technologies; and therefore would be much easier to afford and adopt by industry. Furthermore, selecting the right lubricant for specific applications may result in savings of 3-5% energy bottom-line and many other benefits e.g. increased equipment life, higher safety for working personnel and environmental sustainability. 

 According to Dr. Suprotim Ganguly, Head Energy (Technology), Confederation of Indian Industry, “We at CII under the guidance & partnership of BEE through a comprehensive study on “Enhanced Energy Efficiency in Industrial Lubrication” have been able to create requisite level of awareness among the stakeholders on the possible benefits & importance of technologically advanced lubricants & lubrication system. The study has not only captured the international research on “Tribology” but also the real time experiences of usage of energy efficient lubricants by industries in India. This drive of awareness creation and capacity building is still in progress. Taking this initiative to the next level, we are now developing a protocol for evaluation and assessment of energy saving which may become a part of mandatory industrial energy audit guideline by BEE. We would also like to extend our sincere gratitude to various industries and companies like ExxonMobil for sharing their technical experience to make this niche effort a real time success.”

 ExxonMobil’s leadership in innovation is accentuated by commitment to sustainability which demands an efficient use of resources – human, environmental and operational while energy efficiency remains one of the most visible and discussed sustainable business practices. Mobil lubricants not only deliver exceptional, long-lasting performance and protection, but also feature valuable energy efficiency benefits. With our comprehensive strategy, referred to as Advancing Productivity, ExxonMobil leverages its technology leadership and application expertise to help companies enhance their operational safety, achieve their environmental care-related goals, and maximize productivity thus delivering energy efficiency benefits to our customers.

 Mr. Shankar Karnik, General Manager Industrial, ExxonMobil Lubricants Private Limited added, “This initiative by CII closely ties with our long term objective of creating awareness on technologically advanced lubricants and need for companies across industries to perceive energy efficiency through a strategic lens and align it to their core business objectives. Validated data of real-time case studies establishes that energy efficient lubricants can help in achieving productivity improvement in various industries. Thus, we feel that there is a need in the industry for guidelines to support energy audit. This will be a step forward in the right direction for the lubricant industry in India.”

 ExxonMobil offers a broad line of advanced lubricating oils and greases that can help increase equipment operating efficiency and engine fuel economy, and help contribute to reduced energy and resource use, lower emissions and cost savings for industrial equipment, machinery, passenger and commercial vehicle engines. Mobil Industrial Lubricants is geared to meet and exceed industry requirements through a suite of step-up technology lubricants designed to potentially deliver energy efficiency benefits.  Mobil Industrial Lubricants’ range of energy efficient lubricants currently includes the next-generation Mobil SHC 600 series, Mobil SHC Gear series, Mobil SHC Pegasus, Mobil SHC Cibus series, Mobil SHC 500 series and Mobil DTE 10 Excel series. In extensive testing, these technology-leading lubricants delivered significant energy savings compared to conventional oils. Since even small energy savings can translate into significant monetary and resource savings, the energy efficiency benefits offered by Mobil’s range of industrial lubricants lead to achieving important gains in industrial energy efficiency. The ExxonMobil proprietary Energy Efficiency logo is a visible statement that users can easily recognize and be confident that they are purchasing and using Mobil Industrial Lubricants’ potentially energy-saving technology


BlogAdda earns top honours at ACEF 2015 Awards

Bangalore, 16th September 2015: BlogAdda.com the largest community of bloggers in Indiawas accorded with a special award ‘Best Practice in Partner Marketing’ at Asian Customer Engagement Forum (ACEF) Awards Ceremony held recently. The award made BlogAdda to be ranked among some of the India’s reputed brands including, Vodafone, Samsung, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd, Dabur India, Yes Bank, Raymond, HDFC Life and Dell India.

The ACEF Award for Excellence in Marketing, Branding & CSR is organized by Customer Engagement Forum (CEF), one of Asia’s largest communities of customer engagement and advocacy professionals. The award seeks to acknowledge and encourage marketers and CSR practitioners to uncover new ways to create and sustain long-term stakeholder engagement.Blogadda won this award for its #WhatTheBlack campaign created exclusively for Colgate India.

“We are excited to receive the honours. This recognition not only indicates our expertise but also puts even more responsibility on us.This campaign brought together a combination of online influencers and bloggers from BlogAdda that created massive curiosity online.Bloggers are increasingly influencing a consumer’s decision, due to the high credibility attached to their blog posts. Bloggers being people among us generates a high relatability quotient which is what wins them an audience in the first place,” opined Mr. Nirav Sanghavi, Founder and CEO of BlogAdda.Com

“We are one of the pioneers in blogger outreach space and have been rolling out innovative campaigns. With the latest example of Colgate India, brands can take leaf of their book and aim at integrating bloggers based activities as part of their digital marketing strategy,” Nirav informed.

Commenting on other initiatives of BlogAddaNirav said, “In order to provide a physical platform to bring together all the knowledge and learning about blogging we are hosting a mega event called WIN ’15. Along with the informative and interactive sessions, the event will have an evening of recognizing and honouring the best of the blogs that won the hearts of thousands of readers and the esteemed Jury of BlogAdda Blog Awards.


Gartner Says Business Intelligence and Analytics Leaders Must Focus on Mindsets and Culture to Kick Start Advanced Analytics

Bangalore, India, 16th September, 2015 — Getting started with advanced analytics is as much about changing mindsets and culture as it is about acquiring tools and skills, according to Gartner, Inc. Failure to make these changes can be fatal to success. Gartner predicts that, through 2017, 60 percent of big data projects will fail to go beyond piloting and experimentation, and will be abandoned.

“Many business intelligence (BI) and analytics leaders are unsure how to get started with advanced analytics, and many organizations feel they must make a significant investment in new tools and skills,” said Lisa Kart, research director at Gartner. “But a successful advanced analytics strategy is about more than simply acquiring the right tools. It’s also important to change mindsets and culture, and to be creative in search of success.”

Gartner has identified four best practices that BI and analytics leaders can use to get advanced analytics initiatives off the ground:

  1. Choose a Business Problem That Offers an Initial Win
    BI and analytics leaders need to work with business leaders to identify problems to tackle. Review with them the outcomes that drive the business and identify the decisions that could provide the biggest impact or, in many cases, the quickest payback. These may include day-to-day operational decisions, tactical decisions (such as planning), or infrequent strategic decisions (such as whether and when to enter new geographies). Wherever there is a lot of data, uncertainty and complexity, there is opportunity.
  1. Use Outsourcing and Buy Packaged Apps When You Lack Advanced Analytics Expertise
    Many organizations assume they must continue on their current path with a centralized BI team and tools, and therefore build advanced analytics capabilities themselves. However, there are other options that are better suited to quick wins. Organizations that don’t themselves have the skills to build advanced analytics can use external service providers who do, or buy advanced analytics applications to show the value of advanced analytics expertise for a particular problem.
  1. Identify the Stakeholders in Your Organization That Need to Be Convinced of the Value of Advanced Analytics
    It’s essential to identify the internal stakeholders who need to be convinced. These are the naysayers, the skeptics, and perhaps the decision makers or those who carry out the actions. Not having them on board can derail any project. Having a business case that demonstrates the value is, of course, necessary, but it may not be enough on its own. The hardest task is to change people’s beliefs and how they see the world — to get them to understand why they need to think or act differently. “Frequently, the success of advanced analytics initiatives comes down to the ability not only to deliver the analytics or communicate their value, but also to create a data-driven culture,” said Ms. Kart.
  1. Decide If You Want to Build the Skills and Tools Internally
    Businesses that achieve best-in-class advanced analytics solutions typically do so through a build strategy. However, building the skills and tools internally isn’t for everyone, and it’s often not the best way to start.

It makes sense for an organization to build advanced analytics internally if (a) analytics is a critical differentiator in its industry or if the area is of strategic importance, (b) a high level of agility and granularity of control is required, and (c) there are many opportunities across the organization to apply analytics in multiple use cases or lines of business.

BI and analytics leaders that do decide to build must have the three core skills needed for advanced analytics:

  • Business skills: Apply analytics to the right problems and ask the right questions.
  • IT skills: Access the data, identify the required infrastructure and execute the insights.
  • Data science and quantitative skills: Take the right analytic approach to the data.

Unfortunately, this skill set is rarely found in one person, but it’s essential to have all three skills within a team.

More detailed analysis is available in the report “How to Take a First Step to Advanced Analytics.”


Canon Levels Up Customer Service for Travelling Photographers with the Asia Traveller Protection Programme

Bangalore, 16th September ‘2015 – Canon India today launched the Asia Traveller Protection Programme (ATPP), a service reinforcing Canon’s commitment to customer service. This value-added initiative provides customers access to professional Canon repair services for their cameras and lenses across 12 countries in Asia. Canon customers can travel easy, knowing that unexpected costs of repairs on their travels covered under their prevailing warranty will be reimbursed back in their home country. The flexible and timely solution to resolve potential equipment problems promises Canon customers reliable care and greater peace of mind. 

Commenting on this programme, Mr. Andrew Koh, Vice President of Consumer Imaging and Information Center, Canon India said, “For the travelling photographer, nothing can be more inhibiting than the thought of missing out on picturesque moments if your camera stops working.  ATPP is an opportunity for us to magnify the reach of Canon’s ecosystem and assist our customers while they are overseas. It ensures that our customers benefit from an overall Canon experience, even post the purchase of our product,”

How to avail ATPP benefit

To avail ATPP benefit, customers purchase Canon product accompanied with an official warranty card and log on to Canon edge website to register for warranty.

ATPP benefit can be availed only if the camera is under warranty period. The ATPP covers EOS DSLR camera, EF/EF-S lenses, EOS M (interchangeable-lens Mirrorless camera) and digital compact camera.

The ATPP runs across 12 countries in Asia – China, Hong Kong, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam

Should the need for repair arise during the customers’ travel to any of the 12 countries, they can simply visit the local authorized Canon Service Centre for the required repair and retain all necessary proofs of services and receipts provided by respective country’s service centre. Products should still be under warranty period when presented for repair under the ATPP programme. Upon return from the visiting country, customers can provide the proof of warranty card, original invoice of repair cost and other necessary documents at home country Canon Service Centre or collection point. Post that reimbursement costs for repair can be processed further. Costs will only be reimbursed to the extent they relate to repairs covered under the warrantied terms and conditions.

For more information on ATPP, log on to www.canon-asia.com/atpp/in


Sports Arena @ Brigade Orchards, Bangalore Inaugurated today

Bangalore, 13 September 2015: Bangalore based real estate major Brigade Group has transformed the skyline of Bangalore with some landmark and innovative projects with thoughtful amenities. Today, the world class Sports Arena at Brigade Orchards was inaugurated by Steve Waugh, Former Australian Cricket Captain and Co-Founder of Sporting Edge and M R Jaishankar, CMD Brigade Group.

 Brigade Group’s ongoing project, Brigade Orchards in Devanahalli, is Bangalore’s first Smart Township. This project reaffirms the company’s commitment to India’s smart city drive and in its own right, an important step in making India future-ready. The 130-acre integrated enclave, located just minutes away from the Kempegowda International Airport and a short drive from Hebbal, is designed by American Master Planners Nbbj keeping in mind global best practices. With more than 80% open spaces, this integrated enclave is thoughtfully provided with everything one could possibly need – from school, hospital, cultural and sports facilities to entertainment, retail and office spaces.

  Sports Arena @ Brigade Orchards

At the heart of the township is a world-class Sports Arena that will host academies for Cricket, Football, Tennis, Swimming and Athletics run by Sporting Edge, a Steve Waugh company. The lush green turf and the picturesque backdrop of the Signature Club Resort amidst a series of Tropical Green Landscaping create a perfect setting for a day of sports with friends and family. Some key statistics of the facilities associated with the Sports Arena at Brigade Orchards are:

  • Football field as per International Standards
  • 400m Running  Track with 6 Lanes
  • Cricket Oval with  5 practice pitches
  • 4  Tennis Courts
  • Volley Ball Court
  • Basket Ball Court
  • Half-Olympic size Swimming Pool
  • Seating capacity of 1000 with a proposed future capacity of 3000

 According to Mr. M.R Jaishankar, CMD, Brigade Group “Brigade Orchards is a pioneer in the smart township segment, and with this project we will set a benchmark for future projects not just in Bangalore, but across the country. A lot of thought has gone into each of the amenities and features we are providing and when complete, this project will be one of the finest mixed use developments in the country”.

 Brigade’s Association with Sporting Edge, a Steve Waugh Company

Sporting Edge, a Steve Waugh company, aims to provide Indian children with opportunities in sports & lifestyle so that they may realize their full potential. Brigade Group has partnered with Sporting Edge to operate world-class academies at the Sports Arena at Brigade Orchards.

 Consultants associated with the design of the Sports Arena

  • Master Planning by Nbbj, USA
  • Architectural Design by Stantec